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Inclusive AI: We have a long way to go!

In the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, I continue to read and hear so many technology companies talk about the power of AI and the multitude of ways it can make life easier for all of us. As someone who is happy to get deep in the weeds reading article after article about the many facets of AI, I am compelled to share again some of the highlights of the 2021 Harvard Precision Medicine Conference to remind us that we can and must design more inclusive AI models.

The focus for the day was Race and Ethnicity, with AI researchers, clinical founders and health equity leaders uncovering the inequities of race and ethnicity in clinical AI. Clinical AI includes a broad study of how machine learning algorithms and software mimic human cognition in the analysis of complex health data. Why this matters? It can dictate and influence how healthcare investment is made at a governmental and policy level and even affect where jails or healthcare centers are built...

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