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From a vantage point steeped in the belief that curiosity can connect us all, I live at the intersection of education, business, science, and technology with a passion for bringing people together.


What is so exciting about being able to work across a breadth of ever-changing industries is that it allows me to create meaningful connections and opportunities for people who might not otherwise ever meet! This enables me to engage my creativity and activate my network to bring innovative work and ideas to life. Even the name "Two Degrees" represents the power of proximity...of innovation, of people, of industry. Now more than ever we can build inclusive, accessible, and imaginative solutions that can change the world for the better.  

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Blockchain Education and Talent Development: Startup Advisor, BlockBeam
Global Tech and Web3 Talent Community: Startup Advisor,  
NFT and the Metaverse: NFTS4Charity

Global Health and Technology: Americas Continental Health Alliance (ACHA) USA 
Ecosystem and Community: Boston Blockchain Association, XRWomen, VRARA, MassRobotics, Harvard Precision Medicine Conference, Natural Language Processing Summit, The Blockchain Challenge, GinkgoBio Ferment Conference


​IT and Cyber Security Consulting: Co-Founder & Director Wired Nation, Inc. 
Wireless Internet Service Provider: Co-Founder & Director Grappa Wireless
Economic Development & Ecosystem Builder: Women in Tech, New Mexico Technology Assn., STEM Education 
Convener: National Labs, Higher Education, Business/ Industry, Tribal  

Awards: Cyber Security & Technology Industry Leader


Scientific Research and Teaching: Wash U Medical School, Yale School of Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Alumni Programs: Yale College
Museum and Culture: Museum of New Mexico Foundation, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum


Digital Learning Academy: Career Advisor & Corporate Engagement, University of New England
Cyber Security Business Cluster: Security Industry Advisor, Corporate Engagement, Student Mentor, University of Southern Maine  
Student & Executive Career Coaching: Career CoolHunter
Community Building: Defcon, (ISC)2, SHECurity, TechTogether Hackathon, Women in Computing, ProjectLogin

2022- Metaverse, live event 
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