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How we say it matters

There is so much to absorb and understand when it comes to the Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain and the immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. As a technologist who feels at home learning and discussing technical topics, I constantly remind myself to take time to share and explain my passions and exuberance for these amazing innovations with people inside and outside my professional life, especially students and my family. It is often too easy to surround yourself with the people who already “get” this new world, or maybe you’ve found yourself next to a person who sounds like they know it all!

Chances are if they claim it, they probably don’t!

Back when I first became an entrepreneur in New Mexico I began attending and volunteering for IT and Security industry organizations like ISACA, (ISC)2, Defcon, Infragard and even the local Aeronautical Engineering and Aviation Association.

Aside from often being the only woman in the room, I learned quickly the difference between those who came from a place of curiosity and learning, and those who felt they needed to establish their technical prowess. This time taught me a great deal about the kind of entrepreneur I wanted to become, someone who could listen and learn first and explain things in a way that meets the person where they are. I also learned that even the most technical engineers often lived in such siloed roles that there were many adjacent technologies they were not aware of. It was then that I discovered I had something valuable to contribute that began what has become a lifelong professional passion: to bring together disparate technical and scientific communities and build valuable synergies to help organizations and people thrive.

When people ask me how come I get involved in so many different industries, my reply is always: it is what fires me up everyday!

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