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A Map to the Metaverse, for a Nanosecond!

I was invited to contribute to a project called which features an online resource guide XR (Extended Reality). Thanks to a group of talented and committed people, especially Julie Smithson and Karen Alexander of XRWomen, who helped spearhead the project, I was thrilled to be contributing even a small piece toward this much needed resource! The guide is designed to help unpack and understand the rapidly changing industry of Immersive Technology and Spatial Computing, including VR, AR, and XR.

The section that I contributed to is called Privacy, Safety, and Security. For me writing about it held special meaning because of the work that my husband and co-founder Josh and I did together building Wired Nation, our IT Security consulting practice of twenty years. While it was not designed to be a technical piece, I definitely felt it was important to acknowledge the significant risks that are introduced with this new application of spatial technologies. In many ways it is what makes the adoption and growth of AR/VR/XR so complex to build sustainably. But like many other innovations, the road is never smooth, and it is this kind of friction that opens up opportunities for industries to solve tough problems.

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